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Where does Inspiration come from?


Inspiration is what brings new thoughts, new concepts and new inventions to your planet.

When you say…..

‘I had the inspiration to……‘   or     ‘I feel inspired to…..’

What you are saying is that you had a connection with your intuitive process and that intuition sparked something that allowed you inspiration in that moment.

It may be that you think that someone else gave you the inspiration because the words or concept was spoken or written by them.

What happens here is that you were choosing and allowing inspiration to come to you and as you made that choice, you heard or found the words or pictures or understanding that you required in that moment that took you to the place where you could see the possibility for your inspiration.

So often you attribute your inspiration to someone or something else, when they were just part of the process that allowed your inspiration to come to the surface so that you could have greater awareness.

Inspiration is often us winking at you…..nudging you…..giving you a clue as to what could be beneficial for you in your current state or situation.

Your choice is to have awareness of it, to allow it through and then take what ever it is to the fruition that you feel that you require with it.

So inspiration is part intuition, part awareness and part knowing what will help you next.

You can play more with inspiration…..ask for it…..

What inspiration can you give me that will help me in this situation?’

Then be open to what arrives, even if it doesn’t come packaged how you thought it might.

Inspiration is a valuable concept to have…..play with yours so that you have the ability to increase your awareness of it.

Enjoy….this is a fun part of living your life :-).

Given in Love 

Channelled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray

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