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How can we as people on this planet at this time understand and use Inclusion?

A very good question at this particular time. Inclusion is so appropriate in all of your daily lives at present.

The people of this planet have used exclusion in so many, many different and differing ways in the past and now is such an appropriate time to look at this way of treating each other and your earth and allowing yourselves to change and to have a bias towards inclusion rather than exclusion.

Exclusion is whenever each of you choose to not make allowance for another’s way of seeing life. If each of you were to write down in 1 day how often you exclude others, you may be surprised at how often this is.

This is every time you criticize another for their seemingly different way of doing things. An example we will give you with our humour on this is the ‘toothpaste tube’ - yes, we know that some of you simply do not care where you squeeze it and others of you can see that the tooth paste tube must be squeezed in a particular way.

The one with the particular way is excluding the one of you who doesn’t care. Why we see this with humour is that you could each have a toothpaste tube and then no one is then excluded.

There are often simple solutions to the traits and habits that humans acquire and that they use to exclude. If you take on our little exercise of writing down each time you exclude others in  your day and then allow yourself to see where you could include people, you may be surprised at how easy this is to change.

If each of you reading this, were to do this you would be making a change, not only to your world but also to the whole of humanity.

Does inclusion mean that you have to include every human being in everything that you do?

The answer to this is ‘no’.

What inclusion means to humans on the planet at this time is that you observe your life, you look at how you, yourself include others:


Are you selective in that inclusion?

Why do you select to include this one and not that one?

As you question this in yourself, you will understand more of your bias’s your judgements and why you have these biases and judgements.

Inclusion means observing what is appropriate in a particular situation. When you observe appropriately, with integrity, you will find that sometimes it is not appropriate to include a particular person or group.

This is OK - you have done your homework so to speak. You have made observations with integrity and then decided that at that particular moment it is not appropriate to include this person or this group.

From this time on, we would ask you to check on your own bias in a situation and question this bias with integrity and make any changes that  you can that will serve inclusion.

Inclusion will be a concept that you all as humans will hear more of as your world changes - your world can’t continue to change unless you all choose inclusion more often.

You will make this change by questioning yourself and starting today to change your perceptions.

Channeled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray.   

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