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Simplicity of Love



Tell us about the Simplicity of Love?


The essence of love has had confusion around it in how humanity and how individual humans understand love and express love.


The word love is often used in situations where there is almost no love and this often brings confusion.


There is the perception that in a human family the essence of love is what glues them together as a family. If you come from a family where there was an abundance of love, you can easily understand this concept.


The confusion often comes when you come from a family that has not understood the essence of love and this has created all sorts of issues, problems and situations.


This confusion was often included in the before this lifetime contract between a parent and a child, with the solution or the most peaceful way out of the situation being for one or both of these humans to find their way through the relationship with love.


When one of the individuals has been able to see the situation or relationship with love, this can than allow the other individual to see the situation or relationship with more peace.


This may not resolve the issues completely to the satisfaction of all. It may simply allow more ease and with this ease, acceptance of how things are, what can change and what is not likely to change.


The key here is acceptance. If you are to look at your life and have more understanding of the essence of love, you may see that when you gained acceptance of a situation or a relationship, then you understood the essence of love more.


The actual feeling of love can encompass many attributes and capacities which can include:


  • Understanding that you love another human being regardless of their behaviours. That the behaviour is simply when the other human being has forgotten to love themselves.

  • Allowance of yourself and others when you do not agree, do not see life through the same eyes. This allowance is love - the love is in the allowing.

  • Acceptance of yourself, as you are able to accept yourself, regardless of others opinions of you, you then have the capacity to be able to have a larger acceptance of others. Acceptance is love.

If you are able to bring more acceptance, allowance and understanding into your own life, you then are able to show by example to others what love is to you, how you perceive love and how you have love in your life.

This example then allows them to have some awareness, which then can bring more ease into their lives.


The essence of love is the way in which you choose to live your life. It is the gifts that you give to yourself of acceptance, allowance and understanding.


These gifts allow you expression and expansion to encompass many areas of your life and as you are being acceptance, allowance and understanding, you are sharing the essence of love that you are with all of humanity.


This is the simplicity of love.

Channelled from the Akashic Records by Pamela Murray.

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