Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that may help you in preparing for your Akashic Records Session

Why do I require questions for my Akashic Records session?
Your session is about you, so preparing your questions is your commitment to bring your full self to your session. Your Akashic records are so immense that for you to obtain answers in the areas of your life that you desire, you are required to frame your questions to allow the keepers to open the doorways to those areas of your life.

What do I need to explain about my question?

As your keepers know you and everything about you, you can keep your questions quite short, you are just allowing the keepers to know the area in your life that you are choosing to explore. 

What questions can I ask?
You can ask any questions about yourself, your relationships or any aspects of your life that you would like some more clarity in.

How are my Akashic records accessed?
Your Akashic records are accessed by simply asking for connection. Once your records are opened, you are able to be in the love of your records while you ask your questions and are receiving your information. At the end of your session your records are closed and your Akashic records are once again held in trust by your keepers. 

Can I ask questions about the future?
Yes, you can although take into consideration that we as humans have free will and can change the choices we make in an instant. The way the keepers may answer your questions may  allow for the potentials and possibilities of your future. You have the choice to choose your direction. 

Why do I record your session?
I have found for myself that when I listen to or read my session again at a later time [I'm a Transcriber], I understand more and understand the finer details, as often life has happened and I get the picture better of the intricate details that the keepers have provided for me. Sometimes it just makes more sense to me as I connect the dots or the message validates something that I intuitively 'know', or I find a treasure there that I missed before.