What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a Gift From Spirit.

Your Akasha holds in love every thought, feeling and all that you have done and experienced in each and every life time that you have had on this planet. All this information about you is held in the resonance of love for you so that you may access it when you desire to.
The Akashic Records are "stored" energetically and humanity is now gaining easier access to the Akashic Records as the new energies arrive.Accessing the Akashic Records is becoming more appropriate for a greater number of humanity as the energies of the planet are shifting and changing as the depth of the knowledge available is continually increasing. 
Each time you as an energetic being chose another human life time, you leave your Akashic Records in the care of your very own Akashic Record Keepers, who hold your records vibrationally in love and trust for you until you finish your earth life. 
Your Akashic Records can only be accessed by you and whom ever you give permission to access them.
Your Akashic Keepers or Guardians will not allow this trust to be broken.
The term Akashic Records comes from the Sanskrit work 'Akasha'.
A Kasha means: 'The energy of all life'
In Sanskrit: AKA means space, a storage place, a repository.
                     SA means sky or unseen or hidden
So Akasha means an unseen place, a space that is not physical.
The energy of everything, the unseen part of everything.